Q: Hey! So I've been wanting to buy a new agenda, and I'm between Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade, which one would you recommend? My style si more northern so I prefer Kate Spade but I will love to hear your opinion! Thanks :)


I have only ever had the small Lilly Pulitzer agenda and I can definitely say that I loved it. I would have preferred a larger one (my big had the jumbo and I was obsessed), but I still really liked mine.

If I was allowed to choose, I personally would choose the Kate Spade. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Lilly planners. They’re fun and each month is exciting, but I just feel like the Kate Spade agendas are a lot more elegant and mature. It might be the “You only have one semester left in college” part of me ruling on this one, but I would just say the small Lilly one might be too small if you have a lot going on and the binding on the Kate Spade seems nicer.

Hope this helps!

Also Erin Condren!! A good mix of fun and elegant.

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